Desert Hot Springs

Go with the Flow

Nestled between the San Bernardino and San Jacinto mountains, this idyllic retreat is known for its calming waters, herbal remedies, savory eats, and eccentric shops.

Just as world-famous mineral waters bubble beneath Desert Hot Springs, so too do the many personalities of the desert oasis hide behind its façade.

An international destination for spa-seekers and canna-tourism, Desert Hot Springs is also fiercely local, filled with welcoming shops, unique restaurants, and vintage motels reimaged as colorful passion projects.  It’s at once innovative and deeply respectful of its past.

Cahuilla Indians made early camps here, but the “founding fathers” of the city as we know it was Cabot Yerxa, whose historic hilltop pueblo overlooks the city this this day – a reminder of its legacy of vision and imagination.

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